Havana Sundaes: Think Before You Click

I am easing back into single life this week after spending New Year’s with my love in Havana.  It made me feel good being there and to see how happy the people of this island were to see change after some 50+ years in relations between Cuba and the United States.  Even our rental car agent was excited to discuss with me all the future possibilities opening up with the country FINALLY accepting credit cards from American banks.  On New Year’s I even looked down from the fort in Old Havana to see a brightly lit cruise ship.  When I was asked how I felt about the change though, I must admit, I’m a little sad.  I thought I would have my island to myself a little longer. It has given me peace in its simplicity that in the last year has been rapidly dwindling.  First, cellphones have been rapidly increasing in public.  Part of that has been due to Cubacel opening up usage to include email to anyone else in Cuba.  Also, internet is being seen in many of the non government related businesses in order to attract more customers. It is great news for them but for me it was a revelation that I am becoming a technophobe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to blog. I love that I keep up with long distance friends and family via social media. I love that all my travel plans can be booked via my phone.  I truly miss my Google when I go to the island.  Lately though, I just wish there was a filter.  Some wish for days of yore. I saw a post comparing people of today to people of the 50’s that longs for the good old days.  Well, I don’t think the days of Jim Crow are missed by all and gender equality wasn’t exactly the thing.  I am the type of optimistic person that believes we are evolving for the better BUT the convenience of technology has become our worst enemy.  Convenience without the presence of discernment has become our worst enemy.  Now when you know a secret the world can know it before you’ve finished the thought. Where we used to have to develop film now we can take a picture with our phone of our private business, our kids, our bodies, or our jobs and it can be sent around the world and back before you can drive home from the party.

We have got to be more responsible with what we post, what we surround ourselves with, and be more conscious of the risks we expose ourselves to.  No pictures when I am at a party and yet I conduct myself always as if there could be.  When I am sharing something I always ask myself if I would be okay with my nephew posting the remark or at some point would my children.  Would I be okay sharing the posts with my manager or maybe a church member. If you answer no to this then maybe you should put the camera away, not select the share or forward and of late, with newsfeed, not be so quick to like or comment on something that can be seen by others.  You never know who is watching.

This is why I am becoming a technophobe.  I know we have come further than the picture media outlets paint and I know we are better for the changes.  I only expect for 2015 we cut back on our posts and look for quality of information not quantity of likes we can get.  Who is with me in the new year?

One thought on “Havana Sundaes: Think Before You Click

  1. Sign me up! Quality over Quantity! I feel you, cuz. I have been a LOT more reserved in what I chose to share, with whom and when to share it in recent months. That of course was part of the motivation of this group blog as you know. To stop and think about some of the things we come up with and spend a little more time with them than we would on a quickie FB post. To cultivate our writing a bit more than social media wants us to. Not everything needs to come at us raw. There is a lot to be said for a little refinement.

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