The “Just Say No to ‘Like’ Challenge”

I am issuing a challenge to all of my Facebook friends.  I challenge each and every one of you to forego clicking the “like” button on anything that I post for the this week from January 5 thru January 11.  Instead, leave a comment if something that I post speaks to you in some way.

I see so many “likes” on things now that the meaning of those likes gets lost.  It’s so programmed.  For example, I always cringe when someone posts something about the death of a loved one in which they are expressing their grief via social media and I see people click “like” instead of taking 5 seconds to type a condolence.  That just creeps me out.  Are you “liking” the fact that this person is in pain? Do you “like” that this loved one died?

I will be the first to accept the challenge.  If I see something on a Facebook (and I’ll add Instagram too) that I like, I will take the time to say so and why for each and every one of the people who took the time to share that nugget with me.

Let’s see who can use their words!

~ Marta G.

p.s. If you want to see more comments over “likes” feel free to share this challenge on your Facebook page.

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