I can’t believe you’re not having kids!

We’ve touched on this one before but I ran across this image related to Jennifer Aniston’s public statements about people’s reaction to her deciding not to have kids right now. She labeled their reactions as sexist because men aren’t asked when they are having kids the way women are in our society.

I know I have a growing number of friends who really are not planning to have children and their decision appears to be culturally disruptive in general. Why does the choice of one person not to have kids evoke such strong reactions from other? Everything from, “wow, that’s so selfish” to “you don’t know what you’re missing” to “you’ll change your mind”.

I am 34 rolling up on 35 and I never saw myself not having kids, but as I get older it’s a little easier to picture life without birthing another human being. Adoption and fostering seem like perfectly wonderful options or even being a dedicated mentor and a kickass auntie.

I also read something recently about how parenting has turned into a kind of religion in the US which I suppose might begin to explain why the decision NOT to have kids evokes such emotional reactions from many.

What kind of reaction did you have to the image above?

2 thoughts on “I can’t believe you’re not having kids!

  1. I stood up mentally and cheered. It has been a struggle for Giraldo and I in our single lives to grow older and not procreate just to prove we could to our family, friends, and societies. My best friend also made this decision and stands firmly on it. I know her health prevents her from being able to but she doesn’t feel the burn, not even a little to chase this dragon.

    I want a child ,as we know, but if that ship has sailed for us I am okay with that too. It’s blasphemous to utter such things but there IS a beautiful opportunity for a most amazing life without children.


  2. I have a son who I love dearly but I said after I had him that I did not want anymore children. I too was told that I was being selfish and denying him a sister or a brother. Also that he would grow up spoiled and not understand the concept of sharing. BULLCRAP!!!! Regarding the choice not to have children, IT IS YOUR CHOICE and all those with their contrary opinion should keep it to themselves. There is a lot of responsibilities that go along with parenthood and if you asked some of these “parents” some might even say that they had children too soon or that there were times when they wished that they had not become a parent. If that sounds cruel to some, sorry. Some people don’t realize that there are some choices that they have made that they were really not equipped to make. Also, did they have their children for the right reasons? If one chooses not to have children, I say, great. If one chooses to have children, I say, great but be clear that it is not television and there are no refunds.


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