OMG!!!!  It is a new day and I am so glad. I just had to share with you all that IT IS A NEW DAY for us all.

I am so thankful and happy for the family I have.  People who have embraced me during my time of grief and who are supporting me as I journey back to wellness.  Losing a parent can make one a little nutty believe it or not but help is out there for those who seek it.  Now I am ready for the new opportunities that await me in this new day.  I am excited about seeking out employment in this new year.  I am excited about undertaking a new title of homeowner (although it does frighten me a bit).   I am excited about having the opportunity to travel and see places, old and new.  I AM JUST SIMPLY EXCITED!!!!!

What are you excited about?  If you are not, GET EXCITED!!!!! Get out there and have a FUNKADELIC FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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