Dear America

I know you’re busy being awesome, but I’d love a few minutes of your time to discuss what could be the most important issue of our day.

I’d like to talk to you about healthcare.

No wait,education. I changed my  mind.  Let’s discuss poverty, the minimum wage, and the wealth gap.  Let’s talk about our educational system.  Let’s talk about equality.

I cannot pick a singular issue

The truth of the matter is we cannot talk about any one of these issues without discussing the others.  They are all equally important and they are all related. Solving the poverty problem undoubtedly will involve education reforms and most certainly will create access to healthcare.

So let’s not talk about any of them.

Let’s talk about all of them.

Seriously.  Let’s have candid discussions about what needs to be fixed.

And then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work making this country even awesomer

(Okay, maybe we should start with education).😃

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