Havana Sundaes: An Educated Fool

Education, to some, is the number or level of degrees they possess, who their alma mater is, the salary they claim on a tax return, or how intellectual the conversation is they can actively participate in.  If you are of this belief then you might be an educated fool.

Education is considered knowledge obtained in a school organization, college, or university.  I beg to differ. I have held conversations with people of the highest degree,with particular bias to healthcare that have no idea how to communicate with people of a lower level.  Part of demonstrating you have a strong grasp of subject matter is your ability to demonstrate and teach it to the next person.  This is how the oxymoron educated fool proves true. You may have gained multiple degrees and committed hours, weeks, months, or years to education but if you are unable to express this knowledge back to the world.  If unable to share knowledge on any given subject then you might be an educated fool.

To my grandparents, education was a tangible thing. Beyond that it was a valuable tool in maneuvering adulthood successfully.  For many years I believed that this was some mystic sword that could only be obtained in a classroom.  One day though, as I began my BSN for the second time and explained the chemotherapy drug I was administering to my patient I realized that up until that point, that very moment, I too, was an educated fool.

Until then I looked up to people with higher degree than mine and down my nose at the working Joe.  It is is terrible but I am being honest. I would hesitate on explaining procedures to my patients because I would struggle over technical terminology.  It was my first time administering chemo and my patient, a truck driver, was nervous.  Seeing the anxiety on his face I took a deep breath and started over.  I spoke to him as I would to my aunt, uncle, or brother.  It didn’t matter what I knew if it was locked inside.  He thanked me and from then on he would call for me if he needed something explained.

Education is a mystical tool but it must be wielded with responsibility and respect for it’s potency.  It is not to shame people with the good fortune and fortitude that have achieved degrees and higher education but rather to encourage people to open their mind beyond the book and take in life. Life is the best teacher.  Life is the most beautiful curriculum, and the ability of share that knowledge the best exam.

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