Havana Sundaes: Cooking Lessons

I know the topic is our favorite blogs/vlogs to follow but I don’t have a favorite or repeat blog to visit.  I don’t feel bad about this because I work 60 hour weeks and also took care of my Mom prior to her sudden passing. I read where I can and take as much of the world in as possible but sometimes the last thing you need is a computer screen.  These last few months have been the most I have ever read of nonfiction internet published writing since I bought my first computer back in 1999.

Times are a changin’ however because now that my mother has taken her final bow I must figure how to feed myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to eat so I know the bare minimums of cooking but I want to impress my handsome Cuban when he comes and still haven’t mastered the fine art of rice cooking or cooking large fowl without drying it out.  So of late I’ve been searching the internet and last night I came across a cute blog idea. I may have to recant  that I don’t read them now as I fell in love with a few recipes…Hmm…let the adventure begin!


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