Do You Speak Dream?

This week The Write Addiction will be featuring the Bloggers and Vloggers that inspire us to want to write or do better in the various aspects of our lives.  First on deck is one of my new favorites, AskPoprah part of the Preach On Teach On Series on AlrightTV (YouTube).  Poprah keeps it real with episode 1 Dream Master.  I watched this and it was like she had reached into my head and pulled out one of the things I’ve been thinking, praying and writing about for awhile now.  This idea that you’ve got to find a way to manage the important people in your life who don’t understand what you’re doing to chart your career path.  Check out what she had to say here:

I’ll add that things got MUCH better for me once I realized that I needed to build community for myself that included other people who speak “Dream” like I do.  And it wasn’t enough to just know them, I needed to spend time talking with them.  This can be challenging when you’re trying to keep a roof over your head and may be in a position where you have to hold down a straight job while fueling your dream(s) on the side.  How can I possibly make time to chat with folks especially if we don’t live in the same place or move around in the same circles?  Ultimately it’s a choice and it’s one I’m glad that I made.  In fact, the entire concept of is an experiment to see if we can harness the power of this free tool to create collaborative community for likeminded people and then reach out to recruit others and help people connect who are feeling isolated and depressed as strangers in a strange land where no one speaks their language.  We have the technology, we can provide a way to connect.  We just have to make up our minds to put in the work to make it happen and keep it going.

Much love to my Dream Team at The Write Addiction. Can’t wait to see what you’re all gonna bring to the table this week as your blog/vlog inspirations!  I’ve got a bunch more so I may pop up randomly during the week to showcase others that are on my mind.  Lets get it!

~ Marta G.

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