Scholastic Saturdays: online super families

Perhaps it’s my training as a sociologist, perhaps it’s my super power of smell (see last week’s post) or perhaps it simply my desire not to share everything on the internets that make me want to call bullshit on online designer families.
What are online super/designer families? They are the families women of my generation seem to be constructing through posed, filtered and shall I say staged, pictures of their young children and significant others. These women shouldn’t be confused with the moms that post pictures of their children for their family and close friends to see. These are the women that take the time to plan and stage lifestyle type pictures of their young on their public profiles. To me it’s like reading or viewing an ad in a magazine. The sociologist in me wonders what is the motive behind the construction of these super families. I can think of a few reasons but they could be construed as negative and so I wonder if this is sign of the times. The availability of social media to create online stage moms and the apparent need of people to know what is going on in the life of strangers or friends of friends you will never meet.

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