Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You?)

Sliding in to home base on our Superpowered inspirations theme there’s no way any of us could have predicted that this would happen as they did. In the past two weeks I’ve celebrated the home goings of four people all very different and special in their own ways. It seems such a natural thing for me to slip on my Superwoman cape during these times as the Rock, the shoulder to cry on, Ms. Reliable. In truth, I need to send this cape in to the dry cleaners so they can fix the rips and tatters from frequent overuse.

I’m not one for acting out, falling out or otherwise behaving as though I am not in full control of myself. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that on the rare occasions when I do cry, when I do need a friend to lean on, I look around and find myself most often in an empty room. It’s as though I’m not expected or allowed to have moments when I am in need of comforting. I watch as people make a silent pack to, ” Give her some space so she’ll snap out of it and then we can go back to leaning on her.”

Then I heard this song play on the radio and it was as though Donnie Hathaway reach out from his grave to help me put into words just how I feel about folks who just take and take from others and NEVER think to ask, “What can I do to help? What can I give to help you through your tough time, Marta?”

Soldiers grow calluses to survive the battlefront and make it home whole and I sure have earned my share.

Does anyone else struggle with this Superwoman myth? Do you ever feel like closing up shop and telling everyone to just fend for themselves so that you can go about living your life in peace?  Why do you think others who you poor your time and energy into can so casually brush you off when you need their helping hand?

Let’s talk about this.

~ Marta G.

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