Some Ideas Just Never Let You Go

When I was in 7th or 8th grade and still living in Iowa, I had a social studies/civics teacher who encouraged me to engage in the political process by writing and commenting on how I perceived American Politics.  I was a precocious child and I tackled issues that looking back now, I’m so grateful for the parents that I have because they never tried to force me to think a particular way.  Their main requirement was that I think critically and act responsibly.

I woke up this morning thinking about that teacher and a story that I wrote which I guess you could call political satire called, “Out of Gas”.  It was a tale of science, innovation and politics where then President George Bush Sr., in an attempt to improve his approval ratings, announced that the United States was going to send a manned mission to Pluto.  Everyone seemed to see this announcement for the stunt that it really was and the frustrated President let his ego get the best of him during the press announcement and stated that he would lead the mission to Pluto as Commander and Chief.  So President Bush had to go through and complete astronaut training and blasts off for Pluto with a small team of experts.  While on the way to Pluto the ship encounters a problem and discovers upon landing that they don’t have the means to generate enough fuel for the return home.  The crew of the ship is made up of an interesting mix of conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and politically aloof personalities that interact in ways that end up showing the one term President just how disconnected he is from the people he represents.  The crew also teaches him that in order to survive they have to use their various skills as a team or perish.

It was a neat little idea that I might return to someday.  I guess all of this election talk must have brought this memory back to the surface.

Happy day all!  Make it a good one!

~ Marta G.

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