Havana Sundaes: Hulking Out

My favorite comic book character is the Incredible Hulk.   Something about the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde storyline combined with the unleashed rage has always appealed to me.  I appreciate that the whole world can judge the Hulk a monster, enemies of human form and supervillain alike.

I like that on no planet in no situation Hulk will ever fit in.  He is always the bull in the china shop or the elephant in the room, so massive in his presence, impossible to be ignored and must simply be tolerated.  The irony is that this enormous bull elephant is usually the most logical one in a room filled with dinnerware.  Rage unchecked for good reasons, often provoked by his same tormentors.

I was always a big girl with a mild manner and sane logic.  I do not start trouble and never have but I was cursed with a hot Irish temper and a voice that can shake a room if I so choose to.  Most of the time I am calm and Dr. David Banner is in control, managing stressful situations and holding strong when most would bulk under the stress.

There are times though where I am caught off guard and the adrenaline gets to pumping in my veins and Hulk takes over.   Much like the Hulk though, no matter how justified I am, once he is out no one can see the right of anything I say.

So much like David, Tish must reign in her emotions and be super unassuming and through the years I try to have only a slightly green tinge to my skin and hair as I fight for the things I believe in and find a middle ground where I can stand AND be heard.

The Hulk saved everyone in every major conflict in the Marvel Universe with brute strength but after the war was won, the big green elephant bull was tucked away over and over again.  The problem was David Banner could never dispel his Mr. Hyde completely. That is because really they were one man not two, neither a monster and yet neither wholly a man, both unable to exist without the other.

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