Scholastic Saturdays: Constructing My Own Super Powered Identity

I have a hard time identifying with just one superhero. As a child my brothers and I were really into science fiction and comics. Despite my knowledge of comics my inability to choose one superhero has led me to instead describe my superhero powers (if I were ever to become a hero).

My first power is sheer determination (stubbornness). I am not one to give up easily. Perhaps its because I like a challenge or perhaps its my inability to let myself lose at something by not finishing – whatever the case my stubbornness is a key identifier of my superhero persona.

My super sense of smell is a double-edged-sworn-type-of-power. When I was pregnant it was my enemy but even then most of the time I am able to smell things from a good distance and occasionally I can smell bullshit before I see it. :0

My husband would say that my visual recollection is one of my super powers. For him this power is super important (see what I did there?) since I am the one that finds lost things and am able to tell him where things are in the house in a very specific way.

When you add this powers up it seems I am probably a super nerd. That counts as a superhero, right?

~ Super Aixster

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