Transformative Thursdays: BraveStarr, My Superhero!

This week, we’re writing about superheroes.  I remember a short-lived superhero cartoon called BraveStarr.  It only aired one season in the late 80’s, but I can still remember the theme song and super human powers Marshal BraveStarr possessed.  He had “eyes of the hawk” which enhanced his vision; “ears of the wolf” which gave him excellent hearing; “strength of the bear” which gave him super human strength; and “speed of the puma” which gave him super human speed.  He would use these powers when he needed them to overtake a villain and BraveStarr was always the hero.

As a kid, I would imagine and dream I have super human powers so I could defeat any obstacle and overcome any challenge.  The ability to have perfect vision to scout out any evil influences or the ability to have x-ray hearing so I could detect trouble in my path was a nice fantasy.  How great it would be to have powers that allowed me to run over walls at lightning speed or pick up things that were too heavy for me.  The kid in me identified with Marshal BraveStarr and wanted to share his powers because BraveStarr was always the hero.  He helped others by using his super human powers.  He was a legend.  I suppose all kids have that special person they look up to and fantasize what it would be like to be that person.

Through the lens of an adult, I now recognize that BraveStarr was a hero because he helped people.  I am also a hero, on whatever scale you might see it, because I am passionate about helping people, only without super human powers.  I rely on the power and strength I receive from the Lord and that is always enough.  Like BraveStarr, my desire is to help others and make life easier for someone else.  I’m not after fame or the big lights but as long as others know I care for them, I can live with that.  So, thank you BraveStarr for reminding me that I too have super human powers and abilities that carry me through obstacles and allow me to help others.  Thank you BraveStarr for reminding all of us that we can be someone’s hero.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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