Living the Life of a Warrior Maiden: A Tribute to The Lady Sif

This week’s writing challenge for The Write Addiction is to share a comic book character who’s origin story inspires you in some way.  Most people would probably expect me to talk about my love for Storm of the X-men or maybe The Black Panther because I ADORE those characters especially because they are strong, proud and black without apology.

After some deep contemplation I have to admit that there is another who inspires me as a powerful woman, The Lady Sif of Asgard.  Lady Sif is STRONG, she is intelligent, she is passionate, she values honor and friendship.  Whenever she is in the presence of friend or foe, she commands respect.  I’ve got a feeling that as a child, Sif probably had it kind of rough.  Being strong and female and unafraid to think for oneself is not easy.  I would image that she was teased by the boys and ostracized by many of the other girls who didn’t understand why she trained to fight and strengthen her mind by learning battle strategies.  I could write the screenplay to Lady Sif’s Origin story just drawing from the adversity I encountered growing up and I promise it would make you cheer and cry at points.  Add on top of that her love for a powerful man, she had to be strong to walk at Thor’s side and protect his back in battle. Heck yeah, Lady Sif and I would kick it hard!  I also love that Sif was always honored as being The Lady Sif, a honor of nobility.

I’ve got to hand it to Norse mythos for having stories and tales of warriors that value women as being powerful assets in battle who often fight side by side and some times lead men into battle.  Perhaps the mixing of my African and Scandinavia heritage amplifies some of this drive to fight in me.  (See my previous post The Sound of My Music for more on my recent discoveries about my genetic heritage).  I feel the drive for battle pumping through my veins on a daily basis, not as a soldier engaged in physical combat.  My battlefield lies in the realm of social justice.  My enemies are ignorance, fear, greed, abuse, depravity and a host of -isms that I fight to see eradicated from our human future story.

The irony is that if a time such as the one I long for ever comes, I’ll not be fit to live in it.  For what use is a warrior in a time of peace? Maybe then, I’ll have time to rest…

Nevertheless, I want that world for our futurekind.  I believe that we can overcome the infirmities of our human nature and become something more. Until then, I’ll continue to do battle in the name of justice, honor and hope for a better day.  I’ll end with two of my favorite Lady Sif quotes.

“Harokin! Warriors of Valhalla! Heed my call! The demons’ infernal machinery above the city beckons. Shall we live forever? Rise up, you great hearts! Draw your weapons! And follow me into Hel!” ~ The Lady Sif

“NO! I’ll die a warrior’s death! Stories will be told of this day!” ~ The Lady Sif

~ The Lady Marta

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