Making It Work Monday: Peace, Be Still

Yesterday was a big day for me. I woke up with my brain exploding with some many ideas that I actually had a headache by mid-afternoon that forced me to lay down. Most people really don’t understand when I try to explain how I brainstorm. Sometimes my mind gets so cluttered with stuff that my brain goes into overload and I can’t get this stuff out of my head. So I often launch projects in an effort to get these things out of my head and out into the world where it can do some good. I start spinning like a top and I just can’t help myself. My whole body is affected, increased pulse, labored breathing, stabbing pains, I just get way out of whack.

I’m not the first, I remember my Grandma J tell in me about a time when she was a young mother and fell sick. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her medically but she was quite ill. When they’d exhausted all of their ideas one if the doctors thought to ask her about what was involved in her daily schedule. She was up at 4:30am every morning prepping meals and clothes for her family of 8 every day and usually ended her day around 11pm. She cleaned the house from top to bottom EVERYDAY. She never took any quiet time for herself because she was always taking care of other people.

The doctor wrote a prescription of a rocking chair for my gran and handed it to my Grandfather to fill. No one ever told her that she had to do all of the things she was doing every day. She just thought that was what she was supposed to do. My grandfather got that rocking chair, placed it on the porch, placed my grandma in the chair with yarn and her crochet needles and told her to relax.

My husband had to do something similar for me yesterday. He took my phone and both of my computers away and just held me still to try to help me calm down and relax. Sometimes you just don’t realize how stressed you are until someone who loves you holds the mirror up for you to see.

Peace, be still…

I have great difficulty with living in peace time. To say I’m addicted to adrenaline is putting it mildly. But thank God that like my grandmother before me, I have a life mate who will set me down and whisper to me, “Peace, be still.” Three little words can make or break a woman who just wants to do a little good in the world.

~Marta G.


Photo Credit: Arianna Sikorski

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