Making It Work Mondays: Ocean Blues

My heart is calling out for the ocean today.  I miss the taste of salted air and the spray of the breeze in my face as the wind tickles my hair.  I miss the feel of sand between my toes and the glow of sun sliding across my neck, shoulders, back…warming me down to the heels of my feet.

Living far inland can at times make me long for the coast, the place that I come from, the sealand.

It’s not the same, sitting on the bank of a river or walking the dock of a lake nestled in nearby mountains.

But when my mistress calls, there’s a vibration that elevates to a melody in my inner ear and sings to me, “you are home, you are loved, we missed you” every time I look out into the deep blue.

I hear the wind calling me home, I must chase it or risk the drying of my bones.

It’s time to sail.

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