Transformative Thursdays: Strange Fruit

A few weeks ago, we discovered a watermelon growing in our yard! This was strange because we had not intentionally planted one. We remembered eating watermelon last summer and casually throwing the rinds away in a ditch in our yard. Over a year later, the seeds from the rind made their way into the hard, dry soil and was covered by leaves and grass. It received nourishment from the sun and rain and shelter from the leaves and grass surrounding it. The seed grew into a ripe, rather large watermelon.  All of this was taking place and we didn’t even know it!

Just like the watermelon, we are each created and hand crafted by our Maker with seeds of greatness. Each of us has a choice to be nurtured by the environment around us and become great. The choice is ours to allow the “Son” to nourish us and guide us through His Word in order to have success in life. Just like the watermelon seed, we must press our way into the soil of life, get rooted and come out of it as a beautiful masterpiece. The seeds within us contain everything we need to achieve our destiny if we become planted, rooted and harvested.

Your soil may feel uncomfortable now or even distasteful but if you allow it to do its work, it will produce something you will eventually be proud of. Allow your seeds of greatness to grow and become something beautiful!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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