A Sunday 6K Hike in Sweden for Fall Foliage Bliss

The weather in this part of Sweden seems different than I remember in 2012.  The colors are more vibrant and temps are definitely more warm than that October.

The high was probably around 62 again with nothing but sun.  Maybe a tad bit warmer, even. When you are in the shade, the air is very cool and crisp. You need a fleece jacket on for sure.  I typically hike the multitude of trails and routes around our farm in either old hiking boots (I was given a pair as a Christmas present December of 2012 , just prior to when I went to meet the women who is now my wife,  and those shoes have been worn every day while living here.


If I don’t wear those, I wear “rubbers” which are very common around here. The mossy spongy areas and grass are always quite wet. It rains a lot here during the mild summers which makes it magical for tourists who want extreme natural beauty without the extreme cold.

During the period where snow is on the ground I’ll where my hiking boots, but when it’s marshy it can be quite muddy and messy so I will wear rubbers for the entire 10K route we often post pics of.  It has a magical pond in the middle you can only get to by foot.


I’ve never seen a single soul on these trails and I’ve spent hours and hours and hours out there alone during my year here in 2012.

The pics I’m sharing are part of the  Bohusleden -North Sea Trail  which has trail markers all along the area we live. After doing research my first year here I realize this trail was long! All photos are ones I’ve taken myself while out hiking.


A really need benefit of the location of this farm is being able to access. I told my soul daughter yesterday as we hid out in a bunker clearly dating back a century or more this was used when battles were taking place by the harbor we were hiking by. As I research this section of the trail that takes you over 300 Kilometers I found some great history!

“Just before Bovall, you will find a Bronze Age grave a little further up in the woods.

Just north of the trail is Blomsholm Manor, now a cultural environment, named after the German aristocrat Anders Blume, who founded the estate in the 17th century.
Here is one of the largest stone ships in the country, some 40 metres long and consisting of 49 standing stones, probably from the young Iron Age. The old row of agricultural dwellings is now a summer café.

Nearby is an area with prehistoric fields and a grave-field from the young Iron Age. The most prominent grave is the large stone circle, with an enormous stone in the middle, surrounded by ten smaller stones.

To the east of the E6 motorway is Grönehög, a grave-field from the Iron Age. It consists of seven mounds, one of which is the largest burial-mound in Bohuslän with a diameter of approximately 45 metres.

The Bohusleden Trail is crossed by the Galärleden Trail, a historic transport route. In 1718, Swedish soldiers of Charles XII’s Carolinians from the army and navy pulled twelve large galleys from Strömstad to Idefjorden. This was during the Charles XII’s siege of the Fredriksten fortress in Halden. The ships were dragged over land and swamps when they could not travel on the water, in order to attack Norway from unexpected directions. The trail is now a combined walking and canoeing trail.

Here you pass a grave-field, with one round mound and three long mounds.

Strömstad is a charming coastal commercial town. From here, boats depart for further excursions, both to the Koster islands and to Norway. Several islands in the archipelago are nature reserves, with well-marked trails.”

For more information please check out the other sections and details on the Bohusleden -North Sea Trail 

I love this part of the world because all seasons seem exaggerated.  Summer is green and wet, with flowers blooming… and the days are long.


Fall is shorter than we are used to in the US, but the leaves falling on the trails and pine needles make hiking a spiritual experience during September and October.


Winter things get really dark and then the  holiday traditions and revelry really begin. Stay tuned for that!


Stay tuned for my Swedish and Norwegian blogs about all things Scandinavian!

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