The Sound of My Music

I received my full DNA profile report last week.  I took the weekend to let it all sink in and enjoy the feeling of knowing myself a little bit better.  Being the well trained, critical thinker that I am, I recognize that this is a developing science and quite a lot of it is still “speculative”, but it is nice to begin to fill in some of the answers to the question, “Who am I”?

One of the coolest things I got out of my report was a musical interpretation of what a segment of my DNA sounds like when played on the piano.  When I listen to it, I feel as though I’ve been humming this tune to myself for as long as I can remember somehow.  It’s like I KNOW this tune. (smile)

One of the surprising things I learned is that 1.6% of my genetic code is Neanderthal, which is far less than most of those in the registry.  I owe that particular part of my heritage to the segment of my DNA that is European (21.7%).  Equally surprising was that in addition to my British & Irish heritage, I also have some Scandinavian and Iberian (Spanish) contributions to my genetic makeup.  I also learned that contrary to popular belief, my African roots are most closely associated with Nigeria and Guinea; not Ghana.

My haplogroup is L1b1a and there are a lot of us of all shapes and hues.  The enormity of realizing where I fit in the genetic family of the human race is amazing!  This only makes me want to know more.  I’m hoping that my brother will want to do his test next so that we can learn more about our paternal line since that cannot be determined through me.  I’m ready to know my family a lot better.

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