Mocha Wednesdays & the origin of coffee

My mornings, reflections (and the rest of the day) are dependent upon coffee and the marvelous caffeinated buzz that surrounds the hot beverage of choice. In fact, some mornings I feel the mug isn’t fast enough and I am waiting for an entrepreneur to announce the advancement of the “coffee IV.” With National Coffee Day a couple of days ago (Monday), it made my mind start wandering around the thoughts of the origin of the coffee bean and what life would be like without it – besides the unimaginable headache from caffeine withdrawal! I found a rather intriguing recap of the history of coffee on the National Coffee Association’s website. Needless to say, I am forever grateful for the goats who decided to eat the berries, the cultivation around the world of the coffee bean (each with its own distinct flavor) and the Boston Tea Party that made coffee the alternative to the hot tea. If you do not know the “origin” of coffee, this is a must read.

The History Of Coffee

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