Leaving for Europe (Episode 1) “Solgave Family” Video Blog Series

This Tuesday, we are going to introduce our very roughly done documentary series about our decision to leave the United States and move back to Sweden with only a month to plan it all.

Sound crazy? It was.

It meant leaving the business we had built from the ground up, friends, and family with very little time  to process it all.

The video tells the story, so I won’t say much else. We have several new episodes on the Europe side documenting our journey to start the Solgave Project.

You see the pain, tears, laughter, and everything in between as a family of 4 with two dogs sell it all to get back to the border of Norway and Sweden in time for my soul daughter’s school.

Follow the video blogs on our primary blog site here at http://www.solgave.com


And email us at thesolgaveproject@gmail.com for any questions, ideas, or inspiration for this couple willing to risk it all for this vision so tired to our souls.

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