Mocha Wednesdays & Arkansas Heritage Trails

Have you or your kids noticed the signs designating part of a historic trail that occasionally pop up while taking a drive across Arkansas? Check out the Arkansas Heritage Website for information about your Arkansas history (right where you are standing! How cool!) and the trails that would make an incredible family weekend drive and excursion! Travel Arkansas and talk history with your kids!

Heritage Trails in Arkansas

From the Arkansas Delta to the Ozark Mountains and every geographic region in between, Arkansas’s history and heritage is deeply rooted in its landscape. History trips across the state can lead from Mississippi River bottomlands to mid-America’s highest peaks or from a legacy of Deep South cotton culture to a town on the edge of the Wild West frontier.

These Heritage Trails document land and water routes along the Arkansas Trail of Tears, The Butterfield Overland Trail mail route pre-dating the Pony Express, the Southwest Trail in Arkansas and Arkansas Civil War actions that determined the fate of a nation divided. Click on the trail or trails you’re interested in to find interactive maps for planning your trip. Watch for the Heritage Trail highway signage across Arkansas.

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