The Princess of Peach – Part 1

You’ve heard many old stories of princes and princesses, dragons and lions and tigers and bears.  But can you imagine that in this time of tick tock technology that there could still be room for a fairy tale?

It all started one day in a city by the sea, where the marsh grass grew tall and the salt made you want to lick the air.  Where barges sailed down the river moving all kinds of things, and the people bustled in and out of little shops on River Street.  It was here that a little girl decided to start her journey on an adventure like none you’ve ever heard before.

This is the story of Savannah Leah Brown, the Princess of Peach.

“Honey, are you okay? Your mother sent us to look for you,” said Mother Green.  Her warm brown eyes held genuine concern for the woman she’d helped raise from the time she was born.

“I’m fine, Mother, I just can’t seem to stop using the bathroom,” replied JeAnn Brown, as she did her best not to wince at the pain shooting through her back.  It was moments like this that made her question the beauty of this so called “miracle of life” she was carrying.

“Chile, how many times have you gotten up to use the facilities since service started?” asked Mother Green, a knowing look forming on her face as she formed her opinion of what was going on.

“Just 4 or 5 times,” said JeAnn as she tried to make her way back to the door of the women’s restroom and back to the sanctuary without making a scene.

“Oh no you don’t, young lady.  You come sit down right here on this bench and don’t move until I come back!” said Mother Green excitedly as she hurried out of the room with a speed that defied her 62-year old legs.  Moments later she returned with a tall and handsome gentleman who seemed unconcerned that he was in the ladies room when his eyes came to rest on JeAnn.

“Baby, they said you were in labor. Let’s go!” said Renard “Ray” Brown as he hurried to her side and helped her up.

“What? No, I can’t be in labor. Daddy is still preaching and I we can’t leave until the service is over.  It’s just my bladder, I’m not in labor,” JeAnn protested until Mother Green laid a firm hand on her shoulder and said, “JeAnn, you let your husband take you to the car and get you over to the hospital before we have to lay you on that bench and take that child up outta you!  Lordy! You’d think Dr. Jackson didn’t tell you about the signs, your water has broken, you need to get to the hospital so we can meet this little one!”

And so, the Browns quietly made their way to the back exit and into their little car.  Renard took off like a bat outta hell, his route already well planned.  As he turned the corner to leave the parking lot of The Faithful Sheppard Baptist Church, he saw his mother-in-law poke her head out of the door they’d used in their escape and start yelling as she jumped up and down something he couldn’t quite make out before she ran for her car with one of her sons at her side.

“JeAnn, I think the secret is out,” he said.  “Wanna have a little fun with your, Mama?” he smiled and looked her way careful to keep the car on the road.

“What are you gonna do, Ray?” JeAnn asked as she looked over and smiled at the man she still loved as much now as she did the first time she laid eyes on him seven years ago.

“Did you tell your mother what hospital we were scheduled to check into?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well, she’s following us and it looks like your brother, Tom is driving.  Let’s take them on a chase and see if we can lose them!” he said with a wink as he made a quick right onto Victory Drive and picked up speed.

“But, Mother Green said we needed to get to the hospital right away.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just gonna see if I can lose them real quick.  Just give me five minutes,” he said as he made a sharp U-turn and doubled back up to Montgomery Cross and cut over.  Tom wasn’t ready for that maneuver and went sailing by, missing the U-turn and got caught by a red light as Ray and JeAnn laughed and hurried on to Chandler Hospital to meet their brand new little baby boy.  Little did they know they had quite a surprise waiting for them.

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