Scholastic Saturdays: inspiration in a snapshot

We were tasked this week to post a picture of something that inspires us. My inspiration is my son. As sweet as that may sound the reasoning behind his inspirational qualities are much less sweet.
When I look at my son I see more than his sweet face, his mostly chill personality, and his curious and energetic vibe. When I look at my son I see life. On mornings like today when he managed to get his poop all over himself, the changing pad and me, I see him as a lesson in patience and humor. I pause, clean up as much as I can and bathe away the crap and continue with our morning.
When he is playing and stops to look and make sure I am near I am reminded that although we like to think we are strong and independent it is always nice to know there is someone near to support and love us.
My son makes me forces me to face the trials life provides with a sense of humor, a glass of wine, and the promise of a nap. When I start to doubt myself I pause and remember that to my son I am perfect, at least until he gets older and gets to know better.

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