Scholastic Saturdays: Spontaneous talking

I am not a highly socialable person. I have been called a functional anti-social person. I don’t tend to seek out new people or strike up conversations with people I don’t know. I tend to be a planner and consider things in advance before doing them. Life has had a way of putting me in situations where I have to be socialable and outgoing. These situations tend to be work related and leave me drained at the end of the day. Despite the stain on my energies I enjoy knowing I am helping those around me and contributing to a (small) change in the students’ lives.

Today (Wednesday) I was semi-spontaneous. I had decided earlier this week that I would take the boy on a short walk of our street. I didn’t know when I would but the decision had been made.
As I was reading The way schools work: A sociological analysis of education for my chapter two of my dissertation I glanced over at the boy playing in his playpen and could see he was getting fussy and needed a change in scenery. Is was then decided we take a walk. The timing of it was probably not the best as it was noonish but we were going regardless.

As we were walking up the street I waved at a neighbor doing yard work; my way of avoiding conversation but still coming off as friendly, which is more than most would probably get from me. As I was reaching the end of the slope I considered just turning around and avoiding the neighbor at the end of the street. I decided to engage the older gentleman as he probably didn’t get much in the way of conversations. You see, I have observed this man for the entirely of our living on this street, almost three years. In the mornings he sits in his garage in a chair in the corner and just watches those who drive by. I decided my sociologist’s curiosity was greater than my antisocialness and I was going to at least say hello. I did. We probably shared two sentences as I turned around in front of his house and went down slope to the destination at the end of the street, my house. The conversation left me with questions about the man. Perhaps I will take another walk soon and attempt to have a real conversation with the man. He seems friendly and having the boy with me might be a ice breaker, then again I took the first step today by just saying hello. Only time will tell.

One thought on “Scholastic Saturdays: Spontaneous talking

  1. It all starts with that first step. Now I’m going to have this picture of you as the “Working Social Butterfly”. Many people don’t understand that people like you and me are intensely private because the work that we do requires that we perfect a public persona that is VERY sociable. Very nice reflection.


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