Water Falls

I watched a drop of water fall and flitter through the air

I watched a drop of water tumble from the bottle in my hand

It landed with a splash upon the bend of my right arm

and trickled south and leap right off and plopped onto the ground.


Sometimes isn’t nice to just let you mind focus on something as simple as watching a part of water’s journey through the world.  One of the things I admire about water is that it never stops, it never quits.  It keeps on moving and pressing and shaping things on this world as well as others we are coming to find.  I’m most at home in or near water.  Sometimes I think I can imagine myself a displaced mermaid coping with the act of living on dry land but with a heart for the glass blue seas of this water world.  Being born a Cancer, I am a water sign and water does hold a power over me.  Water endures, water adapts and changes according to its environment.  Water heals and cleans and nourishes life.  Yeah, I can dig that.

~Marta G.

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