Making It Work Monday: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

I have so much that I’d like to write about this morning but I don’t want to just vomit onto the screen. So, I’ll share a little thought that came to me as I was working out today.

Why should I leave it to someone else to tell me I should love myself? Why should I abdicate my responsibility to teach the younger generations to be proud of who they are and where they came from?

It’s easy to say that textbooks don’t do it, teachers don’t do it and that’s their job, not mine. It is our job, all of us, to share knowledge broadly. We are all of us, teachers! Whether you are formally trained to be a teacher or not, children learn from observing each of us. They imitate our behaviors, good, bad and ugly.

If we moan and bitch about things and don’t pursue constructive courses if action, what do you think our kids will do? If we sit down and watch hours of Real Housewives of Wherever with our kids and don’t put it in the proper context then we can’t get upset about seeing our little girls loud talking us and their teachers. If we wear stuff that is age and station in life inappropriate and allow or encourage our daughters to do the same, you can’t be upset when they attract attention they are not ready to handle.

What we do, what we teach and model matters.

~ Marta

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