Make it Work Monday: The Call of the Drum

This post is not shared from a place of hate.  It is a cry for all of us to choose love.  We all share the same blood.  The drum beats in each of our chest, life rhythm. When a black man is killed everyone loses a brother because we are all related by the human race. Are we teaching this to our children? Don’t we need to teach this to our children? Can’t you hear the drums?


There’s a drumming in my blood

I feel it coursing through my body as it moves to my feet

foot… pound…ground in a slow, steady march


Can you hear the drums calling?


air fills with the opening stanza of mob song

pain, love, despair

embattled hope surges across the battle line

fear has surrendered to growing disquiet

building and building and turning to rage


the drums are getting louder


the people are moving,

gathering from different walks of life,

moved by the smell of blood tinged Earth

another has been taken from us by Fear.


his song has ended…

but the drums are getting louder


the instinct is to fight

we are gathered together today in the space

to hell with the law, justice is our plea

empty promises push the crowd to crescendo


No Justice, No Peace reaches from past to present

For we have NOT overcome

it took the blood of another black man to wake the drummer

in the shadow of the Arch


We call the names across the drum so that we remember once the news cycle spins off onto what Real Housewives do, because WE will still live with this reality after it fades from your television screens.  We MUST end this cycle for humanity’s sake.


Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO – 2014)

John Crawford (Beavercreek, OH -2014)

Eric Garner (Staten Island, NY – 2014)

Jonathan Ferrell (Charlotte, NC – 2013)

Trayvon Martin (Sanford, FL – 2013)

Kimani Gray (Brooklyn, NY – 2013)

Kendrec McDade (Pasadena, CA – 2012)

Timothy Russell & Malissa Williams (Cleveland, OH -2012)

Ervin Jefferson (Atlanta, GA – 2012)

Wendell Allen (New Orleans, LA – 2012)

Ramarley Graham (Bronx, NY – 2012)

Donald Johnson (New Orleans, LA – 2012)

Duane Brown (Brooklyn, NY – 2012)

Angelo Clark (Little Rock, AR – 2012)

Steven Rodriguez (Monterrey Park, CA – 2012)

Christopher Kissane (Brooklyn, NY – 2012)

Atwain White (Brooklyn, NY – 2012)

Stephon Watts (Calumet City, IL – 2012)

Manuel Loggins, Jr. (San Clemente, CA – 2012)

Johnnie Kamahi Warren (Dotham, AL – 2012)

Raymond Allen (Galveston, TX – 2012)

Justin Sipp (New Orleans, LA – 2012)

Dante Price (Dayton, OH – 2012)

Melvin Lawhorn (Kershaw County, SC – 2012)

Bo Morrison (West Bend, WI – 2012)

Nehemiah Dillard (Gainsville, FL – 2012)

Michael Lembhard (Newburgh, NY – 2012)

Marquez Smart (Wichita, KS – 2012)

Jersey Green (Aurora, IL – 2012)

Robert Dumas, Jr. (Cleveland, OH – 2012)

Unnamed 16 year old (San Leandro, CA – 3/26/2012)

Sheron Jackson (Baltimore, MD – 2012)

Tendai Nhekairo (Atlanta, GA – 2012)

Rekia Boyd [female] (Chicago, IL – 2012)

Alonzo Ashley (Denver, CO – 2011)

Steven Eugene Washington (Los Angeles, CA – 2010)

Victor Steen (Pensacola, FL – 2009)

Oscar Grant (Oakland, CA – 2009)

Sean Bell (Queens, NY – 2006)

James Brissette & Ronald Madison (New Orleans, LA – 2005)

Aaron Campbell (Portland, OR – 2005)

Travares McGill (Sanford, FL -2005)

Timothy Stansbury, Jr. (Brooklyn, NY -2004)

Orlando Barlow (Las Vegas, NV – 2003)

Ousmane Zongo (New York, NY – 2003)

Patrick Dorismond (New York, NY – 2000)

Amadou Diallo (Bronx, NY – 1999)


In the name of these fallen family members in the branches of our human tree, will you join me in bringing positive and productive solutions for addressing this problem for our children and our children’s children?  How can we come together and stop this violence?  And I don’t mean through marching.  How can each of us make the choice to stop being afraid and love and respect one another regardless of how different we may appear on the outside?

I pledge on this day to take every opportunity to educate others when the need arises to show how differently my path has trained me to see the world and to work to see things through my neighbor’s viewpoints as well so that we can come to better understand one another.  What will you do?


~ Marta

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