Mocha Wednesdays… Embrace today and redeem the time

Mocha Wednesdays….

Reflections over coffee (it is amazing how the aroma of coffee makes you feel awake when you are floating on a striking 3-4 hours of sleep)… It is a very busy time of year for all of us in our house. School buses are starting their routes, the school supplies’ aisles looks like Black Friday hit them, and the nighttime and morning routines are slowly reintroducing themselves (oh how we have not missed you!) Where did the summer go? It felt like it jumped ship and left way too soon! I am positive I am not the only one who feels this way!

Time seems to fly by so quickly these days, and I was always told to not wish my life away because it goes by so fast. I now believe what I was told while growing up and understand it with a wish that there was a “pause” button. I keep telling my kids to enjoy every day and find something positive about it before we turn out the lights and dream our dreams. Every day is a blessing and life truly is like a vapor, as it flies by like a wink of the eye.

Maybe the difference between us adults and kids in regards to how we view life and the time we are blessed with is actually how we view “tomorrow.” Adults think of “tomorrow” with worries, dread and sometimes overwhelming thoughts that pollute the day we are actually living in during the moment. Kids seem to embrace the moment and do not think as far ahead. Maybe we should find a balance between the two and stop thinking so much about the next day (that is never promised) and love and embrace the day we are in.

And there you have a challenge for today. Embrace it, love it, mold it and breathe in the day we are living. It is such a blessing.

Love, Emily

3 thoughts on “Mocha Wednesdays… Embrace today and redeem the time

  1. Children really can be some of the best teachers, can’t they? On of the things I miss most about my days as an Au Pair was having the time to see the world through my little one’s eyes. To find something that she delighted in, to see when she was so not amused with something was such a fascinating study of life! She pushed me to want to do more, to be more creative and to be better for her. That was the closest I ever came to motherhood and it was truly glorious to be able to focus on being their for her full time without the distraction of school or another job. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Your 5 points are so spot on. I can thankfully say that I received each of those thing and more from my parents. There are nine of us and or parents instilled these ideals into each one of us. Unfortunately, these are no longer the norm, but the exception. My son is 20 and I have made it a point to instill those ideals in him. I am praying that he sticks to them. I know that if he does, he will have what he needs to make it in this world. Well done.


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