Mocha Wednesdays…

My favorite time of day is when I wake up and realize it is another day, I say a prayer of thanks for another day of life with my family and start to sip my aromatic coffee. Yes, those are the moments, and those are the few minutes I have each day to actually reflect and prepare for my “mind over matter” days… and gain a few thoughts on “perspective.”

Every parent knows what I am talking about, the working moms, the working dads, the stay-at home moms/dads who cannot get a break for the simple things in life (such as using the restroom by her/himself) and the grandparents who selflessly step up to instill life in their grand children’s lives while the parents are away at work. Those few minutes of the day that are quickly replaced with tying shoes, fixing waffles with sprinkles, wiping the toothpaste that ran down the “was clean” shirt, wiping up the chocolate milk that spilt and little tears at the same time (Who said one cannot teach themselves to become ambidextrous?), the little voice from the back seat that tells you “Wait mom! I have to potty!” after you just got everyone strapped into their car seats and you are inevitably already running late… The minutes that are now sent to us to cultivate the blessings out of the crazy life moments. Call me crazy, but I love those moments… most of the time…

And there it is… the “perspective of time…”

The thoughts that usually surface in my mind after the morning storm hits and I am driving to work after the boys are dropped off at school usually revolve around “Did I really take the time to understand what my son was telling me? Did I show him that I cared about his feelings and take time to show him love when he spilt his milk, or did I hurry through the mess and show him stress? Did take the time to show my sons how to tie their shoes instead of telling them ‘let mommy do it because we are running late’?” And… the list can go on. Then guilt arises… we’ve all been there…

After too many mornings like these, we start to run ourselves down, and that’s when the wee hours of the morning over coffee come into the picture. During those moments, I have started reflecting on my kids’ perspectives and working to become more aware of those opportune moments to teach them important lessons in life. I strive to show them unconditional love and instill confidence and self-esteem for that boost that they need as they tackle life through the day.

Today’s golden “perspective” moment actually happened this evening. As my youngest and I were heading to the pool for an evening swim, he asked me how long we would get to stay in the water. I told him an hour (honestly, I thought he would be upset and tell me that was not long enough) and with a smile from ear to ear he told me, “Wow! Thanks, mom!! An hour is forever!” It hit me, time in their eyes can seem like eternity, and time in our eyes can seem like there just isn’t enough time to do what we need to do… He kissed me on the cheek and told me he loved me and thanked me ahead of time for taking him to the pool. And there it is, a child can understand the quality of time, while we are too focused on the quantity of the time. He saw it as time he was going to get to spend in the water and with his mommy. I learned a life lesson this evening and truly enjoyed every moment of our swim and splash time. I said a prayer of thanks and my little one swam to me and hugged me in the water. I gained a lot this evening by putting aside what I felt “needed to be done” and chose quality time with one of my little hearts. He realized I chose him and his pool time this evening did seem like a ‘fun forever’ and I felt the same way.

Sometimes we need to put aside what life tells us is the way to spend our time and redeem our time more wisely with the ones that matter the most.

~Emily Devereux

2 thoughts on “Mocha Wednesdays…

  1. It resonated with me too. That crazed pace of the day takes us away from the vantage point of the life we are responsible for, and desperately need to “see through their eyes” as you share.

    Thanks for the reminders! Look forward to next Wednesdays!


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