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How can one so weak and frail in appearance be so powerful in spirit?  Sixty-two years with the same person then suddenly . . . gone.  I can’t imagine.  I know that Mom knows the Lord but man!  The only love of her life gone.  He took care of her.  He was the embodiment of what a husband, lover, friend, confidant, and nurturer should be.  He was her spiritual leader.  Her SWEETHEART.  Gone.  Sixty-two years sleeping next to the same man and happily at that.  I wish that I could say that but after twenty-two mostly unfaithful years.  ‘SPPPSH!’  YOU GOTS TO GO!    But Mama.  Gosh!  What is she going to do?  What are we going to do?  Geez.  My life has been turned up-side-down.  My life. . . my life. . . is no longer mine.  

“Mom.  I need to speak to you briefly.”

I put the car in park.  Devon comes to the passenger side door to extract his grandmother from the seat that looks two sizes too big.  This little woman is really going to have to soldier up now.

“Hold on son.  Your mother wants to speak with me.  Give us a minute and then you can come back for granny, okay?”

“Yes Man.”

Devon, easing her back into her seat, pecks her cheek, closes the car door, and returns to the house. He flips on the yard light and shuts the front door.

“What is it baby?  I know you miss your daddy.  I miss him too but the Lord will bring us through this.  Your father and I had sixty-two good, long years and were blessed with nine children and nineteen grandchildren.  I have so much to be thankful for.  We have so much to be grateful for.”

She reaches for my hand and I lose it.  I just can’t stop the tears.

“Lisa.  Your father loved you all so very much.

“I know he did mom.  I know.  He loved you too.  You were his “Bunch.”

Mom smiles and slowly wipes a tear from her left cheek.

“Mom.  I need to ask you something.  Something really important.

She stretches her eyes in attention.

“Well.  What is it Baby?”

“Mom.  I know that you love the Lord and have a strong relationship with Him.  Things are going to be really, REALLY different now.  There will be things that you must learn how to do.  Decisions that you may not be comfortable making. Adjustments that you may not understand.  I just want you to know that you will not be going through any of these things alone.  Having said all of that, I need to ask you . . .  May Devon and I move here to live with you?”

To be continued. . .