Nastassia N. Jones

Nastassia N. Jones, Ph.D. is an adventurer and educator. An introverted, small town country Georgia girl with a heart for her family and friends, Nastassia has been blessed to have some very close friends who are closer to her than family as she has spent most of her adult like away from home. Through her blogging she hopes to have you join her as she journeys through a transition to the US Virgin Islands, embarks upon research with K-12 teachers and college science majors, and continues to improve her health through fitness and nutrition.

Nastassia is a weekly blogger on The Write Addiction.  Catch her on Sundays With Stassi.

Sundays With Stassi

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Forbidden Love

Have you ever cared so much for someone who you couldn’t be with? Loved someone who couldn’t love you back? Follow along with my latest tale of “forbidden love”.


All About Nastassia: The Girl Who Leaped Onto the Island

Interest: To escape reality…or more like to better understand my emotional response to reality.

Location: Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands

Favorite book/author: I’m not sure. My immediate thought is Maya Angelou but I like variety and so I have different books that I like.

My Earliest Memory of Wanting to Write: I think it was writing love notes in high school…I first realized that I communicate better through writing.

Why Is Making Time To Write Important?: Writing is how I make sense of and release the emotional tug of war that happens in my brain, so it is important because it keeps my sanity in check.

The First Thing I Think About When I Wake Up Is:  Is there anything that needs my immediate attention?

Online Residences:

My passion is three-fold:

1. Adventurer: I love to try new food dishes, but I don’t really consider myself a foodie. I just LOVE food…especially desserts (they are my weakness). Exploring new adventures and places are also high on my priority list. I desire to visit countries on all continents to learn more about different cultures and of course food! I also love to do different things like zip lining, indoor skydiving, etc.

2. Educator: My desire is to do what it takes to expose more students from economical and traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields have more access to STEM at earlier ages, as well as mentor undergraduates

3. Fitness: I played sports all of my life, that is until I graduated from college. As my weight slowly increased while working in the lab and writing in the library, I began my fitness journey as a graduate student. My personal trainer taught me that I have a beast on the inside waiting to be challenged. From that time, I started running and working out. I have completed several 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. My fitness pages will be filled with new fitness adventures because there are several workouts and other activities that I am excited about trying out! Recently, I decided to become a BeachBody Coach to promote home-based workouts for those not interested in running and walking, but who may not have access to expensive gym equipment. Feel free to visit my Beach Body page:

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