Ruth Senior


Ruth Senior is a photographer and budding blogger based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys writing whatever comes to mind and using her writing as a way of understanding the world. You can read more from Ruth every Saturday here on TheWRITEaddiction.

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All About Ruth: A Snap Shot

Interests: Photography, Sophisticated Rachetry, Side Eyeing, and Shenanigans

Location: Atlanta, Ga….don’t do it, do NOT say Hotlanta 😒

Favorite Author/Book:  Historical black romance novels by the great Beverly Jenkins. My favorite series at the moment is The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

My Earliest Memory of Wanting to Write:  I fell into it back in college *cough* years ago via blogs. I was reading Damon Young and Panama Jackson separately. Then one day they joined forces and I watched VerySmartBrothas be born. I was hooked. I started my blog to share the shenanigans rolling around in my brain. Now, I’m trying to get that flow back because these here 30s are no joke.

Why Is Making Time to Write Important:  SANITY! I really must stop talking to myself… 

The first thing I think about when I wake up is:  Need more sleep. What’s for breakfast? Can I make it to the bathroom without opening my eyes? Yessss, I made it. Why am I not a millionaire yet? Girl, get dressed. Etc etc etc etc