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Ask Dr. Marta is a piece of a dream I have carried with me from my early days as a student at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.  After having spent the better part of 40 years teaching and training in early childhood education in Georgia, Iowa and Arkansas, I continue to have a driving passion to help parents of young children, and the educators who support them, access the resources they need to be great. In my work, I’ve found that many times folks don’t know where to start with their questions or they are hesitant to ask for help with how to support their child’s development. With your help, this podcast will be one of those safe spaces where people can come to get the help they need in raising up the next generation of brilliant young minds.

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Dr. Marta’s Classic Read Treats

The Hunt for Good Children’s Books

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Frequently Asked Questions from (grand)parents and Educators About Working with Young Children:

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