Chris Snider

Chris Snider is a comic book writer based in Little Rock, Arkansas (his hometown).  A fan of the underdog, Chris enjoys writing comics based in places you normally don’t get to see in the larger comic universe.  A huge fan of the DC and MCU, Chris hopes that his contribution can bring comic book lovers a little something new to chew on.  Read Issue #1 right here on The Write Addiction and check out our other authors while you’re at it.

View Aliens Anonymous – Issue #1 Online at the following link:

All About Chris: A Snap Shot

Interest: Ninjitsu, popcorn movie heroism, testing my limits.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Favorite Author/Book: Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

My Earliest Memory of Wanting to Write: Comic books and screenplays from the start were my gateway drugs. Does that qualify me as a writer or a hack? Hmmmm.

Why Is Making Time To Write Important?: If you don’t write, you get creative constipation, and it snowballs downhill like this:
1. No write, no happy.
2. No happy, all angry.
3. All angry and me become a giant green rage monster and people get hurt!

The First Thing I Think About When I Wake Up Is: COFFEEEEEEE!!!!!

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