Baby Notes – 🎶 Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots, EVERYBODY 🎶


And I’m ok.

I actually handled it waaaaaaaayyyyy better than I thought I would 🙃 because I just knew I was going to fall apart.

I stood next to him and held his hands so that he could see that I was there with him. I started talking to him before the nurse started. There were THREE needles 😔 and the third was a combination vaccine so it was a larger prick than the other two. He began screaming after the first prick and continued until she was done but she moved quickly.

Then he stopped.

I hugged him tight and let him know that everything was ok.

If I could’ve taken his vaccines for him I would have!

Some people say to give baby Tylenol BEFORE the shots. We didn’t. However, we started soon after so that he wouldn’t hurt so bad. He slept a bit more than usual for a day and a half, but so do we when we’re vaccinated!

I’m so glad it’s behind us…at least for another two months…

Mama Stassi

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