Serenity Sunday: Send Book to Printing Press ✅

The task had been lingering— unchecked on my todo list for weeks. It wasn’t that I doubted the book. It wasn’t that there were major obstacles with a company or an editor as this is an entire self-publishing project. It wasn’t even procrastination— the ultimate action had been taken: October 25th had been in the atmosphere for months. A book was going to be in the hands of readers on that day.

There were simply other tasks that kept rising to the top of the list as urgent, high priority items. My ability to prioritize well has always been a pride point. In fact I am so good at it, it could be viewed as toxic behavior. Have you ever heard of “toxic positivity”?

When it came to finishing, I was delaying— putting off the final production steps while there was still in a “safe window of time”. It was controlled delaying that often involved an analysis of my choices and how I navigated my punchcard of things-to-do.

My extreme focus on time effectiveness and moving tasks around nearly became a culprit. All I had to do was refuse to leave my seat until I got it done. And that’s what I did. I refused to leave my seat. Sent the email, remembering every single attachment. And voila.

A celebratory beverage was summoned that evening! I really hope y’all enjoy my new book that’ll make its debut in only 15 days!

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