TurnUp Tuesdays w/Stassi: HONOR your Queens 👸🏾

Ok so don’t y’all be looking at me with the side eye come fall when y’all start reading summer-related blogs b/c July just ain’t going how I had it planned. So y’all just read what I got down here 👇🏾 and be surprised 🤯 about the new topics just like I’ve been…
Ooooooooh today’s #turnUP is all about Aunt Betty!! I’m excited, sad, and nostalgic all at the same time. It’s a weird mix of emotions that I’ve only been able to work out through writing…so here goes:
Tomorrow is my Aunt Betty’s birthday. 🥳🎁🎂🎈🍰🎊🎉 She left us almost 10 months ago. This has been the third major loss in my 36 years of living, so I am most grateful that God has preserved and protected my family and friends. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel, because honestly I think I’m still in shock or disbelief. However, the tears of joy reminded me of what she left us with. It felt suddenly, but when I think back on me quitting my job and moving to mom’s house I can see how one piece of that puzzle that I couldn’t understand at the time was my time with my auntie. I’m thankful that I had the pleasure to take her or tag along with mom to a couple of my aunt’s doctors visit and grocery store runs. Selfishly it felt good to be of service and to somehow feel needed just a little bit considering that I was unemployed at the time. Her sudden departure in September reminded me of just how much we need to HONOR our Queens while they are with us. I know that we can look back without should’ve would’ve could’ve coming to mind because in a split second I can think of various ways that my auntie was honored while she was here on earth with us…but most importantly, I can look towards my mom, other aunts, cousins, and siblings to see how we continually honor the queens in our family.
My cousin called me the other day and it reminded me of just how much of her mother’s daughter that she is because she just kept talking (I love you cuz 😘). It made me smile because I don’t talk to my cousins often, usually just during family gatherings throughout the year, so most times I feel disconnected with family stuff…and I’m pretty much the only one who’s not around often. But the phone call reminded me of when Aunt Betty would call out of the blue. It’s funny because everyone else would talk about how she would be on the phone forever, but she never stayed on the phone long with me. She would chat for a few moments and then tell me goodbye because she knows that I’m busy…and most times I would counter with “Nah, I’m not that busy right now” to let her know that I didn’t mind chatting a little longer.
These memories reminded me that it is in our seemingly small, everyday or spontaneous, mundane actions that shows the place of honor in which we have put our queens. It’s not about extravagant Mother’s Day or birthday presents (although a token of love ain’t never hurt nobody) and showboating for the ‘Gram. It’s about spending that little extra time or chipping in a hand when needed that truly honors our Queens.
🙏🏾My prayer is that the QUEENS👸🏾 in my life feel the love 😍and honor 🥰that I have for them.
Happy HEAVENLY Birthday Aunt Betty😇
Now only if she would reveal her Red Velvet Cake 🎂recipe to me so I can stunt for the family…🙃🙂😋🤩🤪

TurnUP for your QUEENS today!!!


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