Transformative Thursdays: Take the First Step

When I wrote my first book, it was overwhelming to think about the finished product.  I knew it would take a lot of work to make it happen.  But it all started with the first word.  I had to bring myself to the place of gathering my thoughts, getting a pen, sitting down in a quiet spot and unleashing the words on paper.  From there, it became much easier to write what would eventually become a ten chapter book.

Have you ever thought about the end result of where you want to be and just gotten overwhelmed?  Perhaps it was so overwhelming you didn’t even know where to begin.  Maybe at that point, you just gave up and never took the first step.  In those moments, we have to force ourselves to get started by taking the first scary step.  Write the first word.  Talk to the first banker.  Take the first class. Bake the first cookie.  What is your first step?  What do you need to do today to make that happen?

The good news is once you take the first step, the others seem to be a little easier.  With each step, you gain confidence and God rewards your faith and obedience.  Before you know it your book will be written!

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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