Serenity Sundays: What It Is

what it is blog picMy feelings got hurt recently. I was met with opposition because of what something might have “looked like” to someone else. It’s rare that I become unraveled, but this particular accusation had me a shook. Was I mad? Insulted? Guilty?

Was it that there was some validity in what this thing “looked like” or was I so defensive because what it “looked like” wasn’t at all what it was? Was it that I despised being misunderstood?

Why care what something looks like if you know good and well it’s not how/what it is? And what if it is what it is? What if it’s just…like that…

My mind began to race and I suddenly found myself posted up inside of this dramatic incubator. A lonely pebble I became in a deep sea of “look likes”…


It looks like you’re trying to tell me somethin

It looks like dichotomy

It looks like a matter of perception and truth

It looks like the same difference


Looks like I need to stand up

Looks like I need to fall back

Looks like I need a window seat

Looks like I’m flying united


Looks like another noose was strung

Looks like a confederate flag got hung

Looks like slaves cannot consent

Looks like she messed up when she “liked” the nude photo

Looks like you have to actually show and prove emotional distress

Looks like a jury can get deadlocked either way


Looks like it’s all psychological

Looks like emotional fragility

Looks like spiritual agility


Looks like I’mma have to go to Africa and see for myself

Looks like you can be free and enslaved in America

Looks like the berry just got blacker

Looks like police can get training so that they can learn how to avoid killing us

Looks like he’s still president

Looks like greed took precedence


Looks like church just got out


Looks like you’re calling from a landline

Looks like the number you’re trying to reach is no longer in service


Look like the mcrib is back

Look like The Cosby Show is back

Look like The Carmichael Show got cancelled so I’mma turn to Black-ish wit its cute ass


Looks like rain


Looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck so…

Looks like Rumi and Sir might be the names

Looks like Blu can spit

Looks like Candice Benbow straight dismantled the 4:44 album


Looks like everybody’s recharging their devices

Looks like my identity is their fad

Looks like beauty is no longer conventional

Looks like beauty is still her name

Looks like awkward is in


Looks like nobody’s home

Looks like everybody’s gone

Looks like we’ve got company

Looks like critics are everywhere

Looks like the enemy’s within


Looks like we back on track now

Looks like we made it

Looks like we got a ways to go

Looks like we both sorry

Looks like my bad

Looks like we all we got

Looks like the bush still burnin

Looks like redemption

♥ clinnesha

4 thoughts on “Serenity Sundays: What It Is

  1. Beautiful and so necessary! You have always been one of the most talented people I know and your work continues to inspire me! May God continue to use you as vessel to speak the truth in this world of ours.

    Liked by 1 person

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