Sundays with Stassi: Go GREEN

I must admit that my first thought related to green was MONEY! That led me to think about recent store  boycotts related to the tragedies from last week. Thinking about all of that made me sad, so I had to dig a little deeper…

What does “Go Green” even mean? I recently visited Sprouts Farmers Market and was thoroughly impressed with the prices and selections offered. I gathered what I could carry in my hands (yeah when I don’t have a shopping list I tend to not grab a cart or hand basket so I’m limited to purchase only what I can carry in my hands) and I proceeded to the checkout area. The cashier was friendly but then bagged my items in a plastic bag…ok so I’m slightly confused. This nice, seemingly progressive store with organic produce and natural care remedies packaged my items in plastic! I was appalled. Why wasn’t paper the first choice? Do they even recycle?

It took me to a place of reminiscing about way back when I was in graduate school and our little small town had a great recycling program! I was one of those people who separated ALL of my trash to make sure the proper things were recycled. We had very little trash BC so much was recyclable or compostable! Fast forward to my last home & current home…I get sick every time I put something in the garbage that I KNOW can be recycled! I have tried to decrease my garbage the best I can by using washable hand towels vs paper towels, using reusable fabric shopping bags vs plastic sacks, tossing fruit reminants into the backyard or nearby wooded area, and using the diva cup vs disposable feminine hygiene products. I’m doing the best I can to “Go Green” on an island that imports almost everything in which increases packaging.

What are you doing to GO GREEN?
Stassi Nicole

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