What’s Up Wednesdays: We Interrupt your regularly scheduled story arc

I know all 3 of you out there want to know what happens to Athens next (insert chuckle here), but today I am thinking about dreams. Not dreams in the mystical sense, but dreams as in the things we really want to accomplish in reality. As a teacher, I push my students to accomplish what they deem as impossible. I challenge them to defy conventions and do seek out the things they never think they could do, and as a result, make the impossible possible. I also understand that in any kind of instruction, modeling the expected actions and behaviors goes a very long way toward producing the desired results. For the past few years, I have been thinking hard about music. Creating music. Writing music. Singing music. To say that I am dissatisfied with the present state of music is an understatement. The mainstream sound….well, it does not agree with me at all.

I’ve watched The Voice this year from beginning to end, and every episode I see myself on that stage doing the kinds of things that I think create music. For the last 2 years, my students and wife and kids have been prodding me to go on the voice. My excuse is that my voice is not as good as anyone on that show, but in my heart, and maybe blame it on pride, I know that to not be true. I don’t have the greatest voice. I can’t do all of the runs and stuff, but I do sing with passion. LOTS of it! It is a confidence thing, really. Suffice it to say, however, that I now have the itch. I’m thinking about submitting a video audition to the show’s producers to join the millions that they receive daily. Do I reasonably expect to get on the show? Maybe. The process is long and arduous. There is truly a 1 in a million chance for me to succeed, but I tell my students that the odds against them don’t matter. I tell them that whether they fail or succeed, there is no excuse not to try. Do the very things that shake you to your core with excitement and fear, and in doing so, you overcome your fear and discover what the real excitement in courage is. It create world changers.

So, I’m going to do it. I’m going to put together a video and submit it. I don’t know what I will say, or what I will sing. I don’t even know if I will sound acceptable. Heck, the producers may not even look at my video, but I will have overcome a fear and taken a chance.

So….there you have it!

One thought on “What’s Up Wednesdays: We Interrupt your regularly scheduled story arc

  1. I am so happy that you are doing this. How can we as parents and teachers tell our children not to be afraid, go forward to succeed, if we don’t try ourselves? We never stop growing and a part of that growth is overcoming our fears. God bless your efforts. Nothing beats a failure like a try.
    Malinda G.


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