The Flip Side: Thoughts on Post-racial America

So normally we here at The Write Addiction take time to polish ideas and share them with you to see how you weigh in. However, since this series is all about social challenges and causes we get up for, I’m inviting all of our viewers to take an active role in this post.  I want to know how this editorial comic from The Boston Globe makes you feel.  Couple of ground rules.  1) Be brutally honest in your reaction to the piece; 2) Do NOT attack anyone’s opinion or comments on this entry; 3) Do engage in thoughtful dialog and….GO!

~ Marta G.

2 thoughts on “The Flip Side: Thoughts on Post-racial America

  1. Fear. When humans fear something that is unknown or unfamiliar with our individual circles of “social norms” we want so badly to label it. Maybe if we can put a label on it we can explain it somehow, and then categorize that label into the subsections of “right” or “wrong”. Usually if it is unfamiliar we will give it a label that can be categorized as “wrong”, that way we can feel good about ourselves that we are in turn “right”. I despise labels… And categories. Not everything in life, or everyone in life, can be placed into categories. We are all wrong sometimes, and we are all right sometimes. We’re human. We go through stages. We all do this regardless of race, sex, social norms, etc…

    Submitted by MCP via Facebook


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